A Civic Society for 
Wimborne Minster, Dorset UK and its neighbourhood

The Secret Garden and Serles House
The garden was opened under the National Gardens Scheme on 13 July 2003 by the famous clairvoyant Madam Rosina, who correctly forecast success for the garden. There were nearly 80 open days up to 2005, attracting almost 8,000 visitors and raising over £17,000 for good causes.

The garden and house have become widely acknowledged as an exceptional place to explore. Visitors have come from as far as Germany, Switzerland and the United States.
Feedback has been very rewarding and is a tribute to the imaginative creativity and hard work of Ian Willis and
his helpers. The Civic Society has benefited financially from the openings, and thanks Ian and the small army of volunteers who have administered the operation.
Volunteers are always needed as stewards
and to  serve tea and cakes.

The garden will be open to the public in 2019
on dates to be announced
Contact Ian Willis for further information

Award-winning wildlife-friendly garden
Farrs Coach House, Cowgrove
Open on Sunday 7 July 2pm-5pm in aid of
Dorset Wildlife Trust

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